The Professional

Combines two revolutionary approaches to tuning lever design.


1. The Professional is shaped like the letter "C"

The C-shape of the Professional locates the handle of the lever in the plane of the pin block. This enables a complete separation of turning and tilting forces and, as a result, an unprecedented degree of control over the tuning pin. Learn more

2. The Professional is made of welded steel tubes

The Professional is made of stiff but lightweight steel tubes, and has no threaded joints. This allows it to transmit information with exceptional clarity from the tuning pin to the hand. Learn more

More ergonomic on both verticals and grands

The Professional allows tuners to tune both grands and verticals from a position of greater mechanical advantage. Learn more

More convenient on grands

With the Professional, a tuner can tune the treble of a grand in the same way as the rest of the piano, and can work without lifting the lid or adjusting the bench height. Learn more

Less expensive, more sustainable

Made of common and easily worked steel tubing, the Professional is less expensive and has a lower environmental impact than premium levers made with rare, difficult-to-work materials such as exotic tropical woods, carbon fiber, and titanium.

Making the switch from L-lever to C-lever

Tips for using the Professional


Pianotek part number: TH-9LP (Those not registered with Pianotek must order by phone)

Price: $298

Length, center of head to end of handle: 13 1/2"

Height, end of tip to underside of shank: 3 5/8"

Weight: 18 ounces

Head angle: 6 degrees

Shank: Stainless steel; overall diameter, 1.25"; wall thickness, 0.035"

Handle: Delrin

Tip: Watanabe #2 included