The Classic

Outperforms premium levers at a fraction of the price.



The one-piece Classic transmits information with exceptional clarity from the tuning pin to the hand. Learn more

Less expensive, more sustainable

Made of common and easily worked steel tubing, the Professional is less expensive and has a lower environmental impact than premium levers made with rare, difficult-to-work materials such as carbon fiber, and titanium.

Not adjustable and doesn't need to be

Extensively field-tested, the Classic will fit any pin on any piano you're ever likely to run across in the field.


Pianotek part number: TH-4L (Those not registered with Pianotek must order by phone. The Classic is also available without handle and/or without chrome plating.)

Price: $159.95

Length, center of head to end of handle: 11 1/4"

Height, end of tip to underside of shank: 2"

Weight: 9 ounces

Head angle: 7 1/2 degrees

Shank: Steel, chrome finish; overall diameter, 0.75"; wall thickness, 0.042"

Handle: Rosewood

Tip: Watanabe #2 included